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As your primary care physician, we are dedicated to guiding you towards optimal health through preventive care. We understand that individual health is influenced by lifestyle choices, genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and disease agents. Our team is committed to working with you to enhance your wellbeing in the most natural way possible. We invite you to take your time and explore our comprehensive services and see how we can be a part of your health journey.

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Explore personalized, holistic healthcare solutions with Wellness Family Medicine, where we blend modern techniques with compassionate, patient-centered care.

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Discover the dedicated team at Wellness Family Medicine. Our experienced doctors provide personalized care, understanding that each health journey is unique. We invite you to get to know the professionals committed to your wellbeing. Join us on your path to wellness.

Dr. Paul R. Davis, DO

Gretchen Melburg, MSN, MBA, FNP-BC

Rob Delker BS, CCP